Monday, May 21, 2012

CRT and School Libraries

In the latest edition of Knowledge Quest, Dr. Kafi Kumasi uses Critical Race Theory (CRT) to interrogate school library practices and school librarians’ belief systems as they relate to serving and supporting urban youth of color. The article offers several areas for examining this issue through the lens of CRT including: 1) disrupting cultural deficit views about youth of color; 2) honoring students’ voices and life experiences; 3) recognizing structural inequalities; and 4) understanding whiteness. This work has implications for helping school librarians develop the cultural competencies and dispositions necessary for creating library programs that support and affirm urban youth of color. 

The citation for this article is:

Kumasi, K. (2012). Roses in the Concrete: A Critical Race Perspective on Urban Youth and School Libraries. Knowledge Quest, 40 (5), pp 32-37. 

The article can accessed at:

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